Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.

Alan Keightley (via larmoyante)

We are now ready to return to the Recognition of ten days ago. I say “Recognition” rather than “experience” for a very definite reason. Properly it was not a case of experiential knowledge, which is knowledge from the senses whether gross or subtle, nor knowledge from deduction, though both forms, particularly the latter, have helped in a subsidiary sense. It was an Awakening to a Knowledge which I can best represent by calling it Knowledge through Identity and thus the process — in so far as we can speak of process in this connection at all — is best expressed by the word “Recognition.”

I had been sitting in a porch swing, reading as previously stated. Ahead of the sequence in the book, I turned to the section devoted to “Liberation,” as I seemed to feel an especial hunger for this. I covered the material quickly and it all seemed very clear and satisfactory. Then, as I sat afterward dwelling in thought upon the subject just read, suddenly it dawned upon me that a common mistake made in the higher meditation — i.e. meditation for Liberation — is the seeking for a subtle object of Recognition, in other words, something that could be experienced. Of course, I had long known the falseness of this position theoretically, yet had failed to recognize it. (Here is a subtle but very important distinction.) At once, I dropped expectation of having anything happen. Then, with eyes open and no sense stopped in functioning — hence no trance — I abstracted the subjective moment — the “I AM” or “Atman” element — from the totality of the objective consciousness manifold. Upon this I focused. Naturally, I found what, from the relative point of view is Darkness and Emptiness. But I Realized It as Absolute Light and Fullness and that I was That.

from Franklin Merrell-Wolff— From Pathways Through to Space in Experience and Philosophy, pp. 5–6