happyhungrybuddha asked:

Hi Sam. I notice you not only answer questions for anons and followers alike. But you sometimes will even go the extra mile posting valuable information links and writings of your own that help further guide and answer our pleas for help. Thank you so very much! I'm curious, I know you had a near death experience but what were some other life changing moments for you? And once again, thank you! ~Ben~ (Public)


Hi Ben. Yes, I have had two. Both within 36 hours of each other and both under general anesthesia during brain surgery. I recall seeing my body on the table. I recall no fear and, in fact, no emotion at all. I recall “seeing” in all directions at once. I recall observing the frantic struggle below me, if you could say “below” with disinterest. No lights. No dead relatives. No heavenly hosts. Just calm observation.

I do not know if it was a halluncination. A dream or something else. I only know what I remember.